Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Elfy arrived at the Deter's

So, sadly this blog has become more of an annual thing for me and I am really hoping that I will be more habitual about it in the future, but don't hold your breath.  I wanted to make sure I recorded some of our precious Christmas memories, including the new arrival of our friend Elfy, Elf on the Shelf.  He wrote a letter to the girls about the true meaning of Christmas and how much he cared about both of them.  Enjoy the letter:

 Elfy getting into trouble already.

Nov. 19, 2013

Dear Madeline and Myla,

I am so so excited to be in your home and I am honored that your family adopted me.  I promise that I will follow all of Santa’s rules and be a good Elf. I am asking that both of you also follow Santa’s rules.  Do you promise you will?

I told Santa all the things that you girls asked me for yesterday.  You asked for Bop it, Skip it, the new scriptures and new crayons, right?  Santa said that as long as you girls are good he would love to bring you those toys.  He also wanted to make sure that you girls understood the true meaning of Christmas.  Here is what he said:

“Madeline and Myla, I really want you to know the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate this incredible Holiday every year.  It’s true that we get to see beautiful lights, eat delicious treats, sing carols and receive presents, however in order for the magic of Christmas to remain strong, we need each child to believe and have faith in the REAL meaning of Christmas, which is Jesus Christ.  If the children stop to have faith in Jesus Christ then the magic of Christmas will disappear and that would be so sad don’t you think?  Jesus Christ, our older Brother, the Son of God, came to earth a long, long time ago.  He came to save every person.  We all make mistakes sometimes, but Jesus, never made a mistake and never will, which is why he was chosen to be our Savior.  Heavenly Father said that in Heaven everyone needs to be clean, which means no sins or mistakes allowed.  But it is impossible to never make a mistake right?  So, God sent his Son to pay the price of our sins and mistakes and because of that we can say sorry if we mess up and we all can live with our families in Heaven FOREVER!  We celebrate Christmas to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ.  During this time, and really always, we need to do everything to be like Jesus.  We give presents because that is what Jesus did, he gave us the present of Eternal Life.  I, Santa Clause could never forget what Jesus had done for me and for everyone.  So, I decided that I wanted every child in the entire world to feel that love he has for us and that is why I deliver presents to all the good children every year.  It is great for you to tell Elfy what you want for Christmas, I am excited to bring you presents.  Please remember though, that it is more important for you to do nice things for your family, friends and even people you do not know.  This is a time to be like Jesus.”

Santa also wanted to tell each of you how much he loves you and what he loves about you.

“Madeline, I am so grateful for you and I think that you are an amazing example.  You really have the best smile I’ve ever seen.  I think that you are such a good big sister and you do a great job of taking care of your sister Myla.  I also love how hard you work at everything you do.  You never give up.  You are also doing so good at school and your teachers are so pleased with you.  Your reading and writing have really improved.  I also love how you do your best to choose the right, even when your Mommy and Daddy are not looking.  In addition to all of that you are a very fun girl who makes me laugh as I watch you every day.  Thank you for being such a good girl.”

“Myla, I was so excited when you arrived in the Deter Family.  You are a sweet, loving, funny, happy girl.  I love it when you give that huge smile of yours.  You have been doing good at school too.  You are also doing good at your new Big Girl Gymnastics and working so hard and listening so well.  Your coach kept saying how happy she is with you too.  You are a very good sister and I am proud of how much you love your sister and your family.  My favorite is when you laugh, it makes me laugh too.  You are such a fun friend and make others feel happy when they are with you.  Thank you for being such a good girl!"

Now, you girls asked me if I would tell you if you were naughty or nice each day.  Yesterday you were NICE! 

I do want you to work on a few things though.  Please listen better to your Mom and your Dad.  When they say no do not throw a fit or argue, just listen.  And most of all, please be nicer to each other.  It makes me so sad when Maddie gets out of school and you girls fight.  Please remember to be like Jesus.  If you do not work on these things I will have to tell Santa that you were Naughty and I do not want to do that.

Signed your best pal Elf,

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